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Hari Ini Pasti Menang (2013)

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Indonesia 2014. Gabriel Omar Baskoro rising star of Jakarta Metropolitan Football Club. His talent and persistence have brought Indonesian Football Team into 2014 World Cup final for the very first time in history and manage to pull through the quarter final against the mighty Brasil. Upon his return to Indonosia, Gabriel’s life is torn between glory and integrity. Rumour has it, Gabriel’s success is backed by a ruthless Indonesian mafioso group. Gabriel must choose to live by his ambitious coach or his honest-to-death father. Each choice has its own deadly consequence. Meanwhile, Andini, a dedicated sport journalist is doing an investigative report on mafioso’s influence in Indonesian football. Andini’s investigation leads to Gabriel’s name among many others. What really happened to Gabriel Omar Baskoro, the real hero of Indonesian football, unfold during Andini’s investigation.

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Genre: Drama
Duration: 122 Min
Language:Bahasa indonesia
Budget:$ 1.000,00

Download Hari Ini Pasti Menang (2013)

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