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Taman Langsat Mayestik (2014)

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The Reality Hidden Behind the Barito Bird Market. A famous and ambitious young Horror director invites Producers who also want to make a prestigious and sadistic Horror Film. Ozie the initial director trusted the Casting team to look for the film’s cast, but after the casting process Ozie the director was not satisfied with the Casting team’s work. Finally Ozie and the Producer have the idea to make a casting in the most haunted location in Jakarta. The Location Team was sent to find out which location they think and the most haunted community of casting locations in Jakarta. For information from the OB Office. Mayangsik Langsat Park was chosen. Which is located behind the Barito Bird Market. But when they saw the location they did not believe the location of the park, but at the insistence of the Producer and Director, they finally chose that place.

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Genre: Horror
Duration: 90 Min

Download Taman Langsat Mayestik (2014)

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